Applications Steam Sterilization Indicator Labels

Steam Sterilization Indicator Labels

High-Performance Steam Sterilization Indicator Labels

Steam sterilization indicator labels are steam, pressure, and heat-sensitive inks printed onto steam-compatible labels used in high-pressure steam sterilization of medical equipment and laboratory instruments. They provide a quick and convenient way for healthcare professionals, laboratory technicians, or sterilization technicians to verify that sterilization occurred. Our heat-sensitive ink reacts to the specific conditions inside the autoclave, including temperature, pressure, and moisture. CleanMark’s steam and autoclave indicator labels are crucial in ensuring proper sterilization practices, maintaining infection control, and promoting patient safety in healthcare facilities, laboratories, and other settings that rely on autoclaves.

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Why Choose Our Steam Sterilization Indicator Labels

  • Uncompromising Quality: We pride ourselves on delivering steam and autoclave indicator labels of superior quality. Our labels are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards. We are committed to providing reliable and accurate indicators for sterilization assurance.
  • Robust and High Visual Color Contrast: Our steam sterilization indicator labels confirm successful sterilization cycles. 
  • Easy Application and Usage: Our autoclave indicator labels are user-friendly and convenient. They easily adhere to individual packages, containers, or pouches holding sterilized items and maintain performance post-sterilization. 
  • Trusted and Recommended: Our steam sterilization indicator labels are trusted and recommended by healthcare professionals, laboratory technicians, and sterilization experts. Their reliability and accuracy have made them a preferred choice in various medical facilities, laboratories, and other sterilization settings.
  • Compliance and Safety: We understand the importance of compliance and safety in sterilization processes. Our autoclave indicator labels meet all industry regulations and standards. Using our labels, you can enhance infection control measures and confidently maintain patient safety and other protocols.
  • Customization Options: We offer customization options to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need specific sizes, formats, or adhesive properties, we can tailor our autoclave indicator labels to suit your needs. We aim to provide labels that seamlessly integrate into your sterilization processes.

Steam Sterilization Indicator Label Options

CleanMark’s steam sterilization indicator labels utilize color changing ink to provide a visible record of a completed steam sterilization process. This heat-sensitive ink permanently changes color from a barely visible off white (unexposed) to dark gray (>121 °C) when exposed to high temperatures commonly used in autoclave devices. CleanMark’s steam indicator labels are designed to be resistant to high heat, pressure, moisture and chemical exposure during the steam sterilization process.

Steam Sterilization Indicator Label Printing

Direct custom printing of steam sterilization-sensitive material on the page readable instructions embedded in the label that is tunable to your unique specification requirements.

CleanMark - Autoclave Label Printing

Steam Sterilization Indicating Ribbon Labels

Steam sterilization indicator labels feature a narrow strip of color changing ink on one side leaving enough space to print graphics and text according to your identification needs.

CleanMark - Autoclave Label Printing

Custom Made Steam Sterilization Indicator Labels

Our steam sterilization indicator labels are fully customizable to satisfy a wide range of technical requirements. We are here to understand your needs end-to-end to develop a complete label construction unique to your application.

Construction Type

Available in rolls or sheets, piggyback and label set constructions

Topcoat Finish

Choose from a variety of matte, gloss and semi-gloss topcoat selections

Form Factor

Die cut and tailor your labels to fit practically any dimension or containers, products and packaging

Adhesive Grade

Pick from permanent, semi-removable and removable adhesives

Sterile Indicating

Utilize chemical indicators that fit your sterilization processing method

Printing Options

Compatible with thermal transfer, direct thermal, inkjet and standard laser printers

Printing Capability

Labels can be fully printed, partially printed, blank or hand writeable

Material Selection

Select from multiple forms of premium facestocks, plastic cores and liners

Surface Resistance

Can provide material that exhibits chemical, moisture, UV and temperature resistance

Find The Right Steam Sterilization Indicator Label Solutions

In order to find steam sterilization indicator labels that perform and properly satisfy your quality standards, it is important to partner with a label expert familiar with a wide array of controlled environment applications. Our team has extensive experience working with companies involved with advanced research and manufacturing. We can work in tandem with your technical team to design, prototype and manufacture autoclave indicator labels that are engineered for your application. Our aim is to make this quick and easy for you. 

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Applications of steam sterilization indicator labels
  • Medical and Surgical Instruments: Autoclave indicator labels mark packages or pouches containing medical and surgical instruments that require sterilization. These labels provide visual confirmation that the instruments have undergone a successful sterilization cycle before usage in patient care.

  • Laboratory Equipment and Glassware: In research laboratories and scientific facilities, autoclave indicator labels indicate the sterilization status of equipment, glassware, and other laboratory items. 

  • Dental Instruments: Dental clinics and practices rely on autoclave indicator labels to mark the sterilization of dental instruments, including handpieces, probes, and forceps. 

  • Veterinary Practices: Autoclave indicator labels are used in veterinary clinics and animal hospitals to mark the sterilization of surgical instruments, dental tools, and other equipment used in animal healthcare. They help ensure the safety and well-being of animals undergoing medical procedures.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Autoclave indicator labels find application in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities where sterile environments and equipment are essential. These labels help track and confirm the sterilization of components, containers, and packaging materials used to produce pharmaceutical products.

  • Food Industry: Some segments of the food industry, such as commercial kitchens, restaurants, and catering services, use autoclave indicator labels to indicate the successful sterilization of utensils, cutting tools, and other equipment used in food preparation. 

Design considerations
  • Material: Choose a label material that can withstand the high temperatures and moisture conditions in autoclave environments. Common materials used for autoclave indicator labels include autoclave-resistant paper, polyester, or polypropylene. These materials should withstand heat, pressure, and steam without smudging, fading, or tearing.
  • Adhesive: Ensure that the adhesive used on the label suits autoclave conditions. It should have strong bonding properties to prevent the label from detaching during sterilization. The adhesive should also withstand high temperatures and moisture without degrading or losing its stickiness.
  • Indicator Ink: Autoclave indicator labels often use special inks or dyes that change color when exposed to specific conditions, such as heat or steam. These inks should be reliable and provide a clear and distinct color change, indicating successful sterilization processing. Verify that the ink used is compatible with the label material and meets industry standards.
  • Temperature and Pressure Range: Consider the temperature and pressure range the autoclave indicator label must withstand. Autoclaves operate at different temperatures and pressures, so ensure that the label's materials and inks can handle the specific range of your autoclave's conditions.
  • Compliance with Standards: Autoclave indicator labels may need to comply with certain industry standards or regulations, such as those set by regulatory bodies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Ensure that the labels you choose meet the necessary standards for your application.
  • Clear Instructions and Information: Autoclave indicator labels should include instructions and information about their use, including details on the expected color change, how to interpret the results, and any additional information required by the user or regulatory bodies.
  • Label Size and Design: Consider the size and design of the label to ensure it fits properly on the items. Labels should be large enough to be easily visible and provide enough space for important information and instructions. The design should be legible, with clear text and symbols.
  • Durability and Longevity: Autoclave indicator labels should remain intact and readable throughout sterilization. They should be resistant to tearing, fading, or smudging. It should retain color change and integrity over time, allowing for easy identification of sterilized items.
  • Removal: After the sterilization process, it should be easy to remove the label without leaving any residue or damaging the sterilized items. Labels that are difficult to remove can impede the efficiency of subsequent autoclave cycles.

What Our Customers Say

"The CleanMark team was informative about the different materials and print processes. They were able to quickly get me samples to test as well as pre-production proofs to verify label size, orientation and color. They fulfilled on their promise to decrease my delivery time while improving print quality."

— Ernie Schrepfer, Associate Director of Quality Access Biologicals
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